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Delta-8 is usually the better option for people who are totally new to psychoactive cannabinoids. There seems to be less risk you’ll experience panic attacks with low doses of delta-8, even if it’s your first trial. Also, since delta-8 is so relaxing, you should only take it later in the day when you don’t want to get work done. Some people with insomnia say delta-8 is a terrific way to chill the [bleep] out, so keep that in mind before you vape.

    Delta-8 vs. HHC — in a battle which one would win?

    If you’re only judging by potency, HHC would probably kick delta-8’s ass. However, this is all based on average customers’ opinions. We don’t have any scientific studies to back up this claim, so your results may vary.

    So, why did we say HHC is more potent versus delta-8? Well, many people who take HHC say it has comparable potency to delta-9, while delta-8 users rave about its more “subtle” effects. Also, HHC seems to lean on the sativa side. By contrast, delta-8 is always associated with “in-da-couch” indicas like Northern Lights or Granddaddy Purps.

    Judging by anecdotal testimonies, a delta-8 strain is more likely to make you feel a body-heavy chill and sedation. HHC tends to have a more “heady” high, with sensations like buzzing temples, euphoria, and a slight pick-up in the energy department.

    Since sativas are more “paranoia-prone,” it may be the better option for experienced tokers looking for a daytime toke. HHC isn’t something you want to experiment with before bed, because it may keep you up all night long. Please keep your first HHC dose low and take it during the day when you have free time at home.

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