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It's just nobody's business

How you treat your pain is YOUR BUSINESS, offering a DISCREET way to help you is ours. Here at discreet pain relief, you don't have to worry about your friends, family, or nosey neighbors seeing you going into some sketchy vape shop. Our small boutique like shop is located in a quiet residential setting with no signs. We also offer online sales and consultations. Please email us to schedule a free consultation.


This business was started as a result of small-town nosey neighbors. Our owner was suffering from shoulder pain and didn’t want to use highly addictive traditional pain meds. The bigger problem was in a small town, as a business owner he didn’t want his judgmental neighbors to see him going int one of the local vape shops just to find CBD or Delta-8 products. After talking to several other business owners as well as a counselor / therapist and a few Doctors they also felt the same way. Many of these people were going out of town or even to another state to buy their pain relief products to avoid being seen.



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